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About Us

Inflate is an award-winning design and production consultancy, offering unabashed, spirited answers to client briefs. Our priority is innovation, helping our clients to recognise the benefit of creative ideas and outcomes in lieu of adopting standard commercial solutions.

Through the design and production of Inflate’s own-brand product line, our team has acquired an in-depth, practical understanding of taking projects from concept through to production and delivery.

Nick Crosbie founded Inflate in 1995 to launch his range of inflatable products aimed at the gift and homewares market, with the strap-line ‘Fun, Functional & Affordable’. In the years that followed, Inflate products established a cult following and were made available around the world. An affirmation of the brand’s success, in 1998 the V&A Museum, London celebrated Inflate with a dedicated show and book charting our journey.

The boom in demand for Inflate Products led Crosbie to develop many trade events in which he applied his skills to create larger pop-up, inflatable structures. These are recognisable today as Inflate’s air.air product range. The futuristic aesthetic and clean lines of the event products are aptly marketed under the strap line ‘Made In The Future’.

Whilst our design speciality is air technology, we always stand back and view each project in its own right. If you have a project that demands and deserves a special approach, whether you have your own finalised design or brief open to interpretation, our team can work with you to achieve unique results.

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