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OIAB - Lightweight Pop-Up

The Office In A Bucket (OIAB) was designed as a direct response to an overwhelming number of requests we had for pop-up breakout spaces. Many of our clients had similar needs but their individual, extra demands often made a bespoke product too expensive. In 2002, we decided to create a pop-up space that we felt offered ample space to work, meet, take a call or relax. In doing so, the OIAB was born and a whole new chapter opened in the development of the Inflate branded products.

With ease of use at the heart of the design, the OIAB was plug and play and could be installed by a child in under five minutes. The OIAB became available in the original rotational moulded bucket and a lightweight, ripstop nylon bag.

Along the way it has picked up numerous awards.

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Designed in London | Produced 2002 - Present

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