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Flat Pack, Pop-Up Accommodation

Snoozy was conceived in 2013 as a flat packed, 2-4 man sleeping unit aimed squarely at taking the term glamping to a new level. What followed was an initial 18 months of prototyping and development models to test our theory on looks and functionality. We developed the snoozy to install in under 6 minutes from flat.

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Escargoo is a flat pack, two-person portable sleeping unit, capable of being installed and used virtually anywhere. It is deployed where temporary, pop-up accommodation is required and inflates in a matter of minutes.

The form and proportion of the design has been developed to be as strong and as light as possible. This allows installation from its bag in under 5 minutes by just one person, and no fiddly poles or tethering lines to trip over things.

Design by Nick Crosbie | 2007 - Present

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