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Inflatable Furniture

Though we have never really claimed to be furniture designers, we have turned our attention to this subject a number of times now. In 2001 we created the award-winning Snoozy Bed, born from the simple idea of subverting the use of old pallets as a bed base. We resolved this and created a stackable rota-moulded version fit for the 21st century that payed homage to the “reclaimed design” scene of the time.

There has always been a demand for us to create inflatable chairs. Although on the whole we’ve tried to avoid this, we have made exceptions for opportunities to design and develop worthy products or challenge perceptions. The AirLounger was one such product. We developed this as an inflatable chair that could be used naked (with the pure form exposed) or as the filling for a fabric cover. With this we saw the opportunity to create the ultimate flat packed furniture item, which when set up did not resemble an inflatable, rather more an upholstered item of furniture. Sometimes, albeit rarely, its appropriate to hide the fact that it is an inflate!

Designed in London | Made for your comfort

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