We are pleased that over the years our work has been recognised in various publications. So often we find ourselves engrossed in the projects at hand, seeing our work in print reminds us that we are just a very, very small part of a bigger picture. Whilst this can be a great source of personal gratification, especially in those weeks of hard deadlines, the most interesting thing is to see how our products and ideas sit with our contemporaries. 

The evolution of Inflate from a small gift-product company to an event structures business has seen the type of publication we’re featured in (and the kind of companies that sit along side us) shift drastically. Rest assured, the DNA of air is always there.

In addition to the publications, we have received a number of awards over the years. Perhaps our most notable are the D&AD award for the OIAB (Office in a Bucket) and recently the Red Dot award for the Snoozy. We continue to work with the belief that all projects developed in our studio should be to award standard.


Published The World Over | 1994 - Present


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