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Inflate Retail Experiences

The idea to open our first shop happened after we made a casual offer to buy a sublease over a dinner with friends in Farringdon. At this point we had already been wholesaling our range of inflatable products and gift items for five years but wanted to get closer to our end customers and felt this was a good opportunity. We always had a vision of how we wanted the shops to look and how our products would sit with others. Our visual merchandising became an extension of the design process and served to compliment its fun aesthetic.

We had used our Old Street office as part shop since the end of 1998, but in 2001 we opened our first shop in Exmouth Market, London. Here we were able to take continue our vision and we introduced additional product ranges that we felt supported the collection.

We later opened a second shop in Islington in 2002 and in 2003 we opened a concession in Selfridges London


Inflate Shops | 2001 - 2006

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