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Dip Moulded Products

In 1997 we embarked upon an idea to develop a range of gift items working with external designers (former colleagues or prolific designers) who we felt could bring a new dimension to the Inflate brand. We were not fixed on each person creating an inflatable design or gift item. We were more interested in working with them to discover a complimentary process with which to develop new products. It was an experiment but one we guaranteed to produce once the ideas and designs were there.

We knew from the success of the Inflate gift items that the products needed to be plastic and brightly coloured. We also needed a production process with low tooling costs that wasn’t complicated to set up like injection moulding. Eventually the idea of dip moulding was suggested. We visited a few factories and in the end decided to work with two here in the Uk. Thus the Inflate first dip moulded range of gift items was launched.

Designed in London | Produced 1997 - 2002

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